Nocean Acoustic is Hanna Olsson (vocals/piano) and Daniel Nyqvist (guitar) - members of the Swedish rock/metal band Nocean. Besides the band, Hanna and Daniel plays on pubs, parties and other events with Nocean Acoustic. They combine old and new famous rock and country songs with acoustic versions of their own music. The list of famous hits is covering a large spectrum with songs like 'Summer of -69' (Bryan Adams) to 'Jolene' (Dolly Parton). Sometimes they also bring in more musicians to their performances.

Hanna and Daniel has a long history behind them, they've played nearly 100 shows together and this duo really knows how to entertain their audience. With the full rock band they have been touring all over Europe, played Sweden Rock Festival 2017 and played at both small and bigger venues. If you are looking for a professional acoustic duo - you have found them here!

To get in touch, please e-mail to contact(at)noceantheband.com (or fill out the form below)