What if a metal band performed at a movie theatre? Blending their music with film? For Nocean - that is becoming real, as they are working on their third album, but also creating a short movie. They are doing what no other band has ever done before. And their followers are invited to join them in the creation process.

- We are creating a metal musical with an animated movie!  singer Hanna says.

The project started in 2019, and Nocean's fans will be able to follow the process on social media, taking part in creative process.

- We want people to do this with us, from the very beginning. We will let our followers help us with creative decisions through our social media channels, guitarist Oscar says.

What is the story about?

- We won't tell much yet, but it's a gothic-inspired story, Hanna says.

More info about the project will be presented on this page later on.